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Kimberley Cameron and Associates Kimberley Cameron and Associates

Who we represent

Agent: Elizabeth Kracht

Mystery / Thriller

Land of Wolves
A Negro and an Ofay
Give Up the Dead
At What Cost
The Yemen Contract
The December Boys
Betting Blind
A Bitch Called Hope
The African Contract
The Riviera Contract
Saving Laura
The Drum Within (A Denise Aragon Novel)
Sentencing Sapphire
Silencing Sapphire
Stalking Sapphire
Lincoln's Bodyguard
Mistress of Fortune
Mistress of Lies

Horror / Sci-Fi

The Nethers
Jonesbridge: Echoes of Hinterland


No Use for a Name
The Stargazing Year
Date Me, Date My Dog: Finding Mr. Right for You and Your Pack
Fancy Feet: How I Lost My Limbs and Gained A Life
101 Things To Do With Beans
101 Things To Do With A Pickle
No Use for a Name

Coming Soon

Mystery/Thriller: Sacrificing Sapphire, Mia Thompson (Diversion Books, 2016)
Mystery/Thriller: Stealing Sapphire, Mia Thompson (Diversion Books, 2017)
Mystery/Thriller: All In by Lily Gardner (Diversion Books, 2018)
Mystery/Thriller: The Price of Vengeance by James Scarantino (Midnight Ink, 2018)
Mystery/Thriller: Untitled Book Four by Joe Clifford (Oceanview Publishing, 2018)
Mystery/Thriller: Lincoln’s Angels by Tj Turner (Oceanview Publishing, 2019)
Mystery/Thriller: Untitled Book Five by Joe Clifford (Oceanview Publishing, 2019)
Women’s Fiction/Romance: Song of Isabel by Ida Curtis (She Writes Press, 2018)