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Esquire gave a rave review for Izzy Wasserstein’s THESE FRAGILE GRACES, THIS FUGITIVE HEART!

“…These Fragile Graces is at once a stylish noir and an exploration of identity, gender, selfhood, control, consent, and intimacy. Wasserstein more than pulls it off—everything here feels lived-in and real, from the details of the commune’s processes to the corporate powers that treat people as disposable or replaceable. Dora’s distinctive, terse voice is one I keep hearing in my head, long after the last page. Maybe, if we’re lucky, she’ll find more mysteries to solve. –Esquire

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THESE FRAGILE GRACES, THIS FUGITIVE HEART is on this list of What You Should Be Reading This Winter According to Indie Booksellers

“Some books feel like they were written as a special treat just for me. This trans, queer techno-noir follows an unlikely detective after she learns her ex-girlfriend was murdered in the radical commune where they met. It asks the kinds of questions that queer SF excels at, like ‘what are the ethical considerations of fucking a clone?’ and ‘what happens when our well-earned paranoia butts up against collective liberatory praxes?’” —Nino Cipri, Astoria Bookshop in Astoria, New York

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Great review and interview up for These Fragile Graces, This Fugitive Heart by Armed with a Book!

“I could not put down These Fragile Graces, This Fugitive Heart, a debut novella by Izzy Wasserstein and I must tell you about it. 🙂 Told from the perspective of a trans woman, I love how this book explores the queer trans experience in a dangerous futuristic world.” —Armed with a Book

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