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It has come to our attention that someone is impersonating one of our agents, Lisa Abellera, among other industry pros through an “agency” called AG Literary Agency. This is a SCAM, so please report any emails from them and do not send them money!

The organization Writer Beware has put out an advisory regarding AG Literary and the larger scam they are a part of. Please remember that reputable agencies do NOT ask for your money.

Read more on the scam and ongoing updates here:


Izzy Wasserstein’s THESE FRAGILE GRACES, THIS FUGITIVE HEART is a PW top 10 pick!

Congrats to Izzy Wasserstein for THESE FRAGILE GRACES, THIS FUGITIVE HEART being a Top 10 pick for PW’s Spring 2024 Adult Preview in SF, Fantasy & Horror!

Preorder your copy here–>

Releases March 12, 2024